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پيام وزیر بهداشت به دومین کنگره بین‌المللی سکته مغزی
وزیر بهداشت در پیامی به دومین کنگره بین‌المللی سکته مغزی، از تدوین سند ملی درمان سکته مغزی در کشور خبر داد و گفت: تاكنون قسمت عمده‌ای از پيش نويس سند، تدوین شده و راهکارهای اجرایی و موانع آن توسط کارشناسان و متخصصان مورد بحث و بررسی قرار گرفته است.
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Stroke is a life-threatening disease with a significant impact on mortality and morbidity. It is recognized as the third cause of death and leading cause of morbidity in developed countries causing a severe economic burden.  Stroke patients in the Middle East and Central Asia regions are believed to be younger and have a higher rate of mortality as compared to those in the Western countries. Therefore,there is an urgent need for the neurologists in these regions of the world to gain more knowledge of and experience with both prevention and treatment strategies pertaining to stroke. Moreover,it is crucial for policymakers to allocate more resources to deal with this disease within these regions.

It is our pleasure to announce that the Clinical Neurology Research Center at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences will host the 2nd International Iranian Stroke Congress in Shiraz,Iran,from September 23rd to 25th,2015. Iran is situated in the crossroads of civilizations in the Middle East and Central Asia,and Shiraz is the capital of art and culture in the region. Several international keynote lecturers from prestigious American and European academic institutions will present their experiences in the treatment of cerebrovascular disease and stroke throughout the conference.

On behalf of the organizing committee,we look forward to seeing you for the Stroke Congress in Shiraz.


M.H Imanieh MD
Chancellor of Shiraz university of Medical Sciences

Co-Secretary Generals:

A.Shariat MD


A. Borhani-Haghighi MD


"Head of executive committee": A. Nikseresht "Neurosonology Workshop" Moderator: M. Pourjafar "Interventional Neurology Workshop" Moderator: B. Vararipour "Botulinum Injection Workshop" Moderator: P. Petramfar
- Stroke Epidemiology
- Stroke prevention
- Acute stroke management,thrombolysis,stroke care units,neurocritical care
- Hemorrhagic stroke,aneurysms,AVMs
- Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis
- Neurosonology,Neuroimaging
- Stroke and general medicine
- Interventional Neurology
- Stroke Rehabilitation
- Support organization,Public awareness,Nursing

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Keynote Lecturers
Secretary office:
Shiraz: Clinical Neurology Research center,Mohammad Rasull-Allah research tower,Khalili Avenue,Shiraz/Iran

Tel/Fax:+98-71- 36281572
Website: http://isc8.sums.ac.ir
Email: cnrc@sums.ac.ir

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